Tuesday, November 07, 2006


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Digital SLR cameras are a great device. For the avid photographer they offer a wide range of options for controlling the final photo. The camera pictured was my first digital camera. It was a Canon Powershot G3 and cost around $1000 to purchase a couple of years ago. At that time it was the top of the range 4MP non SLR camera.

I have since purchased a Canon EOS 350D digital SLR. It came with two lens, a 18 - 55mm wide angle lens and a 100 - 300mm telephoto lens. It has a resolution of 8MP and the whole package cost around $1500 - what a drop in prices in just two years.

The different effects that can be achieved by using the miriad of controls are endless. The ability to take many shots of the same subject with slightly different settings can lead to some very interesting photo options. The fantastic feature of digital cameras is the ability to store hundreds of shots on a disc and discard those not wanted. There is no cost for developing and you only need print those that you want.

Adding to this flexibility is the ability to manipulate the images using software designed for this purpose. Many different effects can be achieved in addition to those that are available via the camera itself . Photos can be cropped, touched up, turned into oil paintings to name a few. The fun that can be had and the effects that can be achieved are mind blowing.

Early Blogger

Early Blogger
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Even if you are only 22 months old you can still learn how to set up a blog - well almost.

I have set up a Flickr account and downloaded the Flickr upload tool to my PC. This tool really makes it easy to upload images to Flickr and then it is a simple task to post them to the blog.

I am having fun playing with Flickr and learning all the things that can be done. So far I have not had to call for help even when I was having some difficulties.

I could not find out how to create a post to my blog but after giving it some thought and playing around for a while I have worked it out.

So I am up to #6 and enjoying the voyage.

Monday, November 06, 2006

Well I have finally taken the plunge. Taking the day off prior to the Melbourne Cup has given me the opportunity to get started.

I had a bit of a sleep in then had breakfast prior to turning on the computer enthused about commencing Learning 2.0. However, things did not go as planned. For some reason I couldn't play the podcasts even with Shockwave installed. Having skipped the podcasts and ready to go straight to building my blog, I went onto Blogger to find that the sight was down for maintenance - is somebody trying to tell me something?

Remembering the podcast I had seen at LSS on lifelong learning and Habit 3 which was "View problems as challenges" I plodded on. The title of a book I have at home seemed to be most appropriate for this morning's setbacks. - "A setback is nothing but a setup for a come back"

Well I have comeback with my blog now on its way - yeehaa